11 Best Ethereum Mining Hardware Comparison (2017)

So you want to mine ethereum? Then definitely you have a question in your mind that what is the best ethereum mining hardware /GPU you can use to mine ethereum efficiently.

If you are thinking that most powerful miner gives you more profit then wait there is many more factors to be considered like how much electricity it consuming, ROI (Return on investment) and etc.

I am not saying that most powerful GPU will not give you profit but …

how-to-earn-bitcoin 1

How to earn bitcoin – 5 Easy way to make huge profit from bitcoins

So you want to earn bitcoin? You are reading this post that means you already know that what potential bitcoins has and how it changing the face our economy.

If you are planning to invest in bitcoins and gain profits from it, then your are accepted the changes in the economy.Yes, Bitcoin might be the future of economy. If it is the future so why we not invest in it to gain some profit in future.

But before starting, …


What is bitcoin? – A Beginner’s Guide to Know Everything About Bitcoins

To understand what is bitcoin? First of all, you need to understand how our actual currency works. The money which we use are using in our day to day life like dollars, INR, Pounds, Euros, etc. is known as Fiat money.

If we see the word fiat in the dictionary it means “something that as intrinsic value”. The only reason it as a value because some central authority say so and we as a society accept that.…

10 Must Have Android Apps In 2017 – You Must Try

As we know that there is plenty of apps available in the market. We are familiar with most of the popular apps like Facebook, What’s app, YouTube but what about other valuable apps which are needed to your day to day life. So in this post I had listed the must have android apps for you.

It’s very hard to find best and must needed apps that actually you want, so by taking lots of effort, best of them are …


3 Easy Hacks To Transfer Data From An IOS Device

Freeing up some storage is very important and a necessity if you are upgrading to a new iOS and you must be demanding a secure method of data transfer especially if you are very conscious and protective about the data in your mobile.

Some extra space in your mobile can also make the up-gradation process smooth. It is generally asked by many Apple mobile users that how can they transfer their data from iOS to desktop. Previously, people used …