Dogecoin Mining: How to mine Dogecoin with GPU

So you want to mine dogecoin? Then you are in the right place.

Before starting let me ask you a question.

Have you ever tried to mine bitcoins, If yes then you know that if you don’t have a high-end miner, you can’t make a decent profit with bitcoin mining.

But it can’t happen in the case of dogecoin mining because it has pretty low difficulty rate than bitcoin.

In fact, you can make a decent profit by mining dogecoins with a mid-range GPU.


So in this post, I am sharing the step by step guide to mine dogecoin and earn some profit from it.

P.S. You can’t make huge profits by mining dogecoin with low-end GPUs but if you have some high-end GPU then you can make good profits from dogecoin mining.


Why Dogecoin mining?

Easy to mine and has low difficulty rate.

Can make decent profit with mid range GPU

It is the 4th most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoins, litecoins, and Ethereum.

So without wasting time lets dive to step by step tutorial to mine dogecoin with GPU.


Things require to mine dogecoin.

– PC with good GPU

– Software to mine dogecoin

– Mining Pool (if you don’t want to go solo)

– Decent internet connection (1Mbps is fine)

So let’s talk briefly about the listed things

PC with good GPU

It doesn’t matter which PC you are using, it can be your old school PC the only thing matters is GPU. GPU is the heart of mining. The more powerful GPU is, more coins you can mine. It doesn’t mean you can’t start with low-end  GPU, yes it can’t mine a huge amount of dogecoin but you can start with it also.

But I recommend you to start with some powerful GPU if you want to earn a decent amount of Dogecoins.


Mining Software

There are lots of software are available to start with like CGminer, SGminer, Nicehash miner, etc. The good thing is that they all are free to use. But which software to choose for mining is depends on some factors i.e.

Operating system (windows/MAC/Linux)

Mining with GPU or CPU.

Note: CPU are not enough powerful to make a single penny in a month by mining with it.


Mining Pools

Mining pools are the website which combines the power/hash rate of all the workers (miners) to solve the blocks and then share the mined coins with miners depending upon how much they contribute to solving the block.

You can also go solo but I don’t recommend you that if you are just a beginner or you don’t have a powerful graphic card.

So without wasting time we directly jump to the step by step guide to starting with dogecoin mining.


Step 1 Set up a wallet

The first step is to start dogecoin mining is to set up a wallet. You need a wallet to send and receive dogecoin. No matter which OS you’re using they are available for all.

To download the wallet, first of all, go to and download the wallet for your OS.

Now install it on your PC and open it

After that go to receive tab and click on request payment to generate wallet address.

Dogecoin Mining: How to mine Dogecoins with GPU

You have successfully generated wallet address. You can also generate online by going on site

Note: Encrypt your wallet securely to protect your dogecoins.


Step 2 Download mining software

You need to download mining software in order to start mining. You can download mining software depending upon which os you are using and you are mining with GPU or CPU. Here I had listed them

For GPU mining

AMD/ATI Card – CGminer

NVIDIA Card – CUDAminer

For CPU mining – CPUminer


Step 3 Choosing a mining pool

There are many of mining pools you can start with here I had listed some of them



Here I am assuming that you are going with Aikapool.

So go to Aikapool and create an account.

After signing up go to my account>worker. Click on add worker type worker name and click on update worker.


Dogecoin Mining: How to mine Dogecoins with GPU

Now it time to generate command line to start mining

To generate command line click on help> getting started. Here u can find command lines for all the miner.

Copy command line depending on which miner you have installed.

Create a new text file and paste the command line in it.

Dogecoin Mining: How to mine Dogecoins with GPU

You have to replace your username, worker name, and password with username.workername password

After successfully replacing save the file as Runme.bat in the same folder where your miner is installed.

Run the file

You have successfully started dogecoin mining.

To receive dogecoins you have to put your wallet address in payment option for that

Go to my account and click on edit account. Paste you wallet address to receive funds.

So you had successfully started dogecoin mining if you had any query related to dogecoin mining feel free to ask in comment

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