How to Buy Monero – 4 Easy ways to buy Monero

So you are planning to buy Monero but don’t know which is the best way to buy it? Then you are in the right place In this post I am listing all possible ways to buy Monero.

You can buy Monero with bitcoin credit card, debit card or even with PayPal but which one to choose fully depends on you.

But before buying Monero you will need a wallet to keep your coin secured. To get wallet you can head over to MyMonero and get Monero wallet.

Unfortunately, hardware wallet doesn’t support Monero so you have a very limited option.

You can more about monero wallet here

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So now you had got your wallet then lets directly jump on the topic


1. Buy Monero with credit or debit card


You can’t buy Monero directly with a credit card or debit card. For purchasing it you have to first buy some bitcoin and then exchange it with Monero by using exchanges like Bitfinex and Changelly.

For purchasing bitcoin you can use sites like Coinbase, Zebpay depending upon your location.

For USA users Coinbase is the best option to buy Bitcoins. You can also use Paxful.

For Indian users, Zebpay and Coinsecure are the two best option.

European users can use Bitpanda or to buy bitcoin with a credit card.

Coinmama is the site, from where you can buy bitcoin from almost every country in the world.

Buying Bitcoins from these sites are simple you just need to register on one of those sites depending upon your location.

While registering those site ask for your name, emails, and identity proof like driving licenses, PAN card or any government identity proof. After submitting those details you can easily buy bitcoins

Now you have bought some bitcoins it time to exchange it with monero.

You can use a site like Changelly and Bitfinex to exchange Bitcoins to Monero.


Don’t buy Monero directly with a credit card from Changelly, it might be expensive from other sites. But it is one of the best sites to exchange cryptocurrency.

Warning: Always check the URL of the website before doing any transaction.


Buy Monero using PayPal


You can’t directly buy Monero using PayPal, first of all, you will need to buy bitcoins using PayPal then you can convert bitcoin to Monero.

Virwox is the site from were you can buy bitcoin using PayPal and then convert it Monero by using sites like changelly.

For that head over to Virwox and create an account. After that, you can buy bitcoin using PayPal and then you can exchange it for monero

Buy monero with cash (Not Recommended)


This is the riskiest and inconvenient method to buy monero.

But if you are able to find the right seller than you can buy monero easily, even for less than the market price.

MoneroForCashLiberalcoins and are the sites to find a seller.


Buy Monero with any Cryptocurrency,


If you have some other cryptocurrency like litecoins, dash, ethereum, etc and want to exchange it with monero you can do so by using the sites like Changelly and Bifinex.

For that head over to Changelly, Bitfinex or any trusted exchange and deposit cryptocurrency in a wallet address which they give to you and exchange it with monero.


Frequently Asked question

Which is the best wallet to store Monero?

As the hardware wallet doesn’t support Monero you have a very limited option. the best wallet for Monero is software wallet but if you are planning to hold Monero for a long time then you can consider paper wallet. You can read more about monero wallet here.


What were the things required to buy monero?

You just need a wallet to store monero and that’s it.


Buy Monero or Mine It?

Buying and holding Monero is the easiest option to invest in Monero but mining Monero or any cryptocurrency require technical knowledge and expensive hardware. So if you are serious about mining then invest in it but if you just want Monero then directly buy it.

Why doesn’t hardware wallet support Monero?

I don’t know any specific reason for this. But I think it will soon support hardware wallet.


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