Best Monero Mining hardware CPU and GPU (Comparison)

So you are finding Monero mining hardware to mine some Monero coins then you are in the right place. In this post, I am comparing some of the best GPU and CPU available in the market and then finding out which one is the best fit for you.

In the earlier post, I had compared GPUs for Ethereum mining and Zcash mining. Since  I had seen so much growth in Monero in past few month, thus mining Monero can be a good option for you to get some profit.

If you know what Monero mining is? Then just scroll the page down and directly jump on Monero mining hardware comparison, but if you don’t know, no worries I will briefly explain what Monero mining is?

So what is Monero mining?

In mining process miners (people who mines) run a specific software on their PC to solve the algorithm behind the transaction of Monero or whatever currency they are mining to verify the transaction using hardware (CPU, GPU, and ASIC) and get a reward for their work.


Monero (Cryptonight) mining hardware

As Monero is based on Cryptonight algorithm, ASIC miners don’t work well with it. If you have ASIC miner then you have to consider some other coins Like bitcoin, litecoins, Dashcoins, etc.

Monero is only mineable with CPUs and GPU’s. In Monero mining both CPU and GPU has good profitability ratio. So I am listing and comparing the both CPU’s and  GPU’s.

But the bad things CPU Monero mining is you can’t connect the bunch of CPU’s together on a single motherboard. If you are planning to build a mining rig for Monero then you have to go with GPUs.

As you can connect the bunch of GPUs together with the help of risers and combine the power to get started with mining.

If you just mining for fun you can consider going with CPUs but the mid-range CPU’s can’t mine enough Monero to pay your electric bill.

If you still want to mine with CPUs to test how CPU performs in Monero mining I had listed their performance at the end of the post.

So without further ado let directly jump toward comparison

I had divided the list of GPUs into the category i.e

Mining with Single GPU, Mining with two GPU’s and Mining with Multiple GPU’s.


Mining with Single GPU

In this category, I had listed some powerful GPU which can be sufficient to make decent profits from single GPU. While selecting GPU you have to consider some factor that are Performance, Price, Electricity consumption, profitability ratio.

Here are the list of good GPU’s you can consider when mining with single GPU


RX VEGA 56 is best-fit for Monero mining, it has hash rate of 1500h/s and it can be overclocked up to 1700h/s. At the price range of near $700 (click here to check current price), it has highest hash rate when compared to 1080ti and many other GPU in this price range.


Hash rate – 1500 H/s can be overclocked upto 1700h/s

Graphic memory – 8gb

Power consumption – 110W to 160W

Profitability ratio- 616% and 475% (when overclocked)

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NVIDIA 1080Ti has pretty good has rate but when compared to vega 56 the price to performance ratio is not good, as the AMD based GPUs are more suitable for monero mining

Hash rate – 1000 H/s

Graphic memory – 11gb

Power consumption – 160W

Profitability ratio- 450%

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AMD HD 7990

Monero-Mining-Hardware-Comparison-hd 7990

Hash rate – 1100 H/s

Graphics memory – 6gb

Power consumption – 110W

Profitability ratio- 425%

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If you are finding universal GPU which can be used to mine any cryptocurrency which is mineable with GPU with good profitability ratio then Rx580 and Rx480 are best fit for you.

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Mining with Two GPU’s

In this category, I had listed almost same GPU which was used on the previous list. The only things change here we had combined 2 GPU’s together in a single motherboard. Combing these GPU had dramatically increased the performance. Let’s see how the combination of two GPU’s effects the performance.

Mining with Two GPU's

2x Vega56

Combining 2 Vega 56 gives a whooping hash rate of 3600H/s (when both GPUs are overclocked). So you can consider this GPU if you are planning to build mining rig.

2xEvga 1080ti

Combining 2 1080ti actually doesn’t give a surprising result, also I recommend you not to go with 1080ti if you are considering to mine Monero. It doesn’t perform well with Cryptonightalgorithmm but you can consider it if you going to mine ethereum or Zcash.



Mining with Multiple GPU

If you are planning to build the Monero mining rig or ethereum mining with 5-6 GPU then I always recommend you to go with RX480 or RX 580. But in this, we have tested some different GPUs and the result are amazing

So I had used 3x vega 56 it has given us hash rate of 5420 H/s.

Also combining Sapphire nitro and Rx580 has given us the hash rate of 5250 H/s.

Here is some more combination that gives a whooping hash rate. (I hadn’t tested the below-listed GPU but with some research and some calculation I found out some amazing combinations)

8 Sapphire RX VEGA64 gives a hash rate of 14032H/s which require a power input of 1390W. From this combination, you can easily mine 7 to 8 Monero in a month with a profitability ratio 516%.

Also, 6 RX 580 8gb give a whopping hash rate of 4094h/s which require a power input of 550W. With these cards, you can easily mine 2.5 Monero coins in a month. This rig will cost you about $1200 which means ROI in 12monthns

Now let’s talk about CPU for mining Monero

Mid-range CPU like i5 and i7 are not enough powerful to mine decent profit from it even they are not enough powerful to pay your electric bill. So if you are considering to mine Monero with CPU you have to buy some high-end CPU, which is expensive.

Also, CPU mining has good profitability only on coins which are based on a cryptonight algorithm. In case your mind will change and you want to mine coins which are based on other mining algorithms. Those CPU’s are not useful to mine those coins.

Here the list of good CPU you can consider to buy



I think that was a sufficient comparison to choose which GPU or CPU is suitable for you. But there are some more things required to start with mining that I am listing below.


Mining Software

You have to go with different mining software depending on which OS you are using and you are mining Monero with GPU or Cpu. You will find all required software here, so you can choose which software is suitable for you as per your requirements.

You can get Monero Mining software here.


Mining Pool

To mine Monero you will require to signup with mining pools. you can get a list of trusted mining pools here.

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