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Innovativetricks is a blog for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. here you can find beginners to advance level guide about Bitcoin, Altcoins, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining, Cryptocurrency exchanges, and ICO. I started this blog with the aim of providing genuine and accurate information about cryptocurrencies.


How this blog was started


This blog was started in early 2016 as a technology blog and things were going well.

One day I was talking with one of my friends about what to write on this blog and he told me about bitcoin. I found bitcoins is a fascinating topic and also I am very curious to learn new about technology.

I flooded him with lots of question about bitcoins. As he was also a newbie in the field of cryptocurrency at that time he was unable to answer my question.

So I started researching about bitcoin on the internet. I found that there are hundreds of cryptocurrency in the market rather than bitcoin and also get to know about some new terms like cryptocurrency mining, ICO etc.

In my research, I also found that there are lots of resources to learn about bitcoins but there is very limited information about other cryptocurrencies on the internet.

Then I decided to give this blog a new direction and share my knowledge and experience about other cryptocurrencies rather than bitcoin.



Man Behind Innovativetricks


Hey Cryptolovers,

I am Jitendra Dhage from Nagpur, India, founder of innovativetricks.com. I am a mechanical engineer by education but my interest in technology brings me in the field of cryptocurrencies. I started this blog to share my knowledge and experience about cryptocurrency.



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You can also get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ where I regularly update with news and interesting stories about Cryptocurrency.